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Family History Archives - Discover the roots of your family's history
Cupids Legacy Centre - Family History Archives

The Family History Resource Centre is an ever-growing archive of information about the people who put down roots in Cupids and surrounding communities over the centuries. It is run by the Cupids Historical Society, and open to the visitors to the Legacy Centre who wish to search for information about our ancestors—or who want to contribute to our collection.

Our archive includes extensive donated family histories from Cupids, Brigus, and surrounding areas; census records, wills, deeds, and other old documents; maps; cemetery inscriptions; oral histories; and a large digitized photograph collection. It is available to the public for research and related use.

Cupids Legacy Centre - Family History Archives

We appreciate all contributions of family trees, archival documents, and photos (photographs are digitized and returned).  All documents are conserved and stored under archive conditions.

Our helpful staff is ready to provide assistance with your family history research, and to scan your own family collected documents, photos, and personal research into our database.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a cost to use the Centre?

Patrons are asked to pay a one-time user fee of $5.

Additional monetary donations are gratefully accepted; tax receipts are available upon request for donations of $10 and over.

Can I make copies of documents I find?

Copying of materials (including photo reproductions) is available for a fee, but certain restrictions may apply. Generally, material must be consulted in the reading room—no original material may be taken from the archives.

Is the Family History Resource Centre open when the Museum is closed?

The Family History Resource Centre is open for browsing throughout the Exhibit Season (included in the admission fee). During the “off season,” patrons may access the archive by appointment: call (709) 528-1610 or email