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Exploring Cupids - Lose yourself in the heart of English Canadian history
Explore Cupids
Visit the Dig

Historic Cupids is located on the shores of one of a string of scenic harbours that punctuate the coast of Conception Bay North.  We’re approximately 80 km (50 minutes by car) from St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador.
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After orienting yourself and delving into our heritage at the Cupids Legacy Centre, you’ll
be ready to step out and explore.

Beging a 360 virtual tour with us
Explore Cupids Cove Plantation Site
Visit the Dig

First stop should be the Cupids Cove Plantation Site, one of Canada’s most prestigious archaeological digs and a Newfoundland and Labrador Provincial Historic Site. This is where John Guy built his original 1610 plantation (a “ghost structure” now marks the spot).
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Climb to the Best View in Town

Dominating Cupids is massive Spectacle Head. A short hike—just over 35 minutes at a leisurely pace—will take you to its barren top 100 metres above sea level. Look for the trail’s entry point across the harbour from the Legacy Centre. On Quay Road, near the white fish plant building you’ll find a sign “Spectacle Head Trail” marking the trail head.

Explore Cupids Spectacle Head - stone cairn

At the summit you’ll encounter the strong and silent “American Man,” a rock sentinel that has guided fishermen and sailors safely to our little cove for generations. The view over Cupids, neighbouring harbours, and Conception Bay is breathtaking—and well worth the climb!
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Please note, the trail can be slippery in wet weather, and involves a bit of scrambling. Use at your own discretion.

an Elizabethan Stage?

Yes, Cupids has one—you’ll find it at the end of Burnt Head Loop, between the Cupids Haven B&B (a former Anglican church) and the Burnt Head walking trails (see link below at "Hike the Coast"), a five-minute drive from the heart of Cupids. Each summer the classical theatre company New World Theatre Project offers diverse, variety-style events packed with music, laughter, wonder and inspiration, in afternoon and evening performances on the outdoor Indeavour stage. Learn more here >>

Explore Cupids' official monument commemorating Cupids’ the town’s 300th birthday in 1910

and a National Historic Site of Canada

Back in the heart of Cupids, just beyond the post office, you’ll find the official “John Guy Monument” commemorating Cupids’ 300th birthday in 1910. A remarkable event for its time, the festivities drew more than 5,000 people from all over Newfoundland and as far away as Canada and the United Kingdom—at a time with no highways, few roads (or cars!), and only one train connecting Cupids to any large population centres. (The huge Union Jack flown at the event is on display in Legacy Hall – it was believed to be the largest in the world at that time).

Take a stroll along Seaforest Drive

Just across the street and further inland from the Monument is Millbrook Gardens, a quiet and beautiful outdoor refuge featuring regional and native plants, including vintage roses from the 17th century.

Back towards the harbour and across from the Legacy Centre are the Three Flags Pavilion and harbourfront boardwalk. Developed for the Cupids 400 celebrations in 2010, the 1910 Flag Promenade provides a view of the harbour approaches and Bay de Grave. On special occasions, oversize flags are flown.

Contact us (or see our Events page) for the next flag-raising event date.

Hike the Coast

If you’d like something a little more rugged than our boardwalk, visit the Burnt Head trails (at the far end of Burnt Head Loop). The network of circular seacoast and forest trails takes you by vestiges of long-gone communities and includes a view of an impressive sea arch.
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Feeling Peckish?

The Cupids Haven tearoom (at the B&B at the end of Burnt Head Loop) or Skipper Ben’s (in the centre of Cupids) can more than satisfy you with delicious traditional and contemporary food— and provide delightful accommodation (reservations recommended).