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Main Exhibition - You will not find another cultural experience like this rich, hands-on, intriguing - and from our founding to the future!
Cupids Legacy Centre - Main Exhibition

There are more than 400 years of history in Canada’s first English settlement – and that’s what our Museum celebrates.

Come meet our people and discover their challenges and triumphs, their pastimes and hardships. See, hear, read, and explore how life has changed on the shores of Conception Bay over four action-packed centuries.

Our museum exhibits present the personal stories, struggles and determination of the people who lived here through multi-media, interactive, fascinating, and fun elements that invite visitors to touch, manipulate and explore.

Our story begins in 1610, with the establishment of John Guy’s settlement. Every artifact on display here – a small fraction of the more than 160,000 uncovered to date – is the product of painstaking archaeological work at the Cupids Cove Plantation Site, just a five-minute walk from the Legacy Centre.
Learn about the dig here >>

Learn about the dig here
Cupids Legacy Centre - Main Exhibition

The exhibit then traces life as it evolved for the generations that followed. Visitors can see, touch and interact with outport life, from the storied Labrador fishery to vivid representations of home life, right down to hand soaps and Joey Smallwood portraits.
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